Welcome to the finale of the short series “before you lose your virginity”. This part will conclude the article. Just as we have been learning, these are things you must know before you lose your virginity.
11. Too much of porn will only make you have unrealistic dreams and visions about sex. The truth is your sex will never be like what you see in porn, so forget the idea and enjoy yourself and your partner.

12.  Some people say sex hurts them. This may be because of several reasons, lubrication being number reason. So make sure you lubricate your vagina) before your partner penetrates to avoid the risk of hurtful sex.

13.  There is a high chance of pregnancy when you have penile penetrative sex (through the vaginal) even for first-timers.

14. For men, you may find it hard to keep an erection during your first sex. This is not a disease. You may want to perform better than porn stars but find yourself unable to reach an erection for long after you cum. This is not uncommon and so you need to relax and take a break. If the short erectile dysfunction persists, you may need to visit your doctor.

15. Be as comfortable as possible when you are having sex for the first time. When you need something, ask for it and do not be shy. Comfortable sex has proven to help both men, and women reach orgasm faster than uncomfortable ones.

16. There is no right time to have sex. Whenever it is ok with you, and your partner is the best time for sex. You can change your mind midway into the act. So do not act upon anyone's advice as to the timing of your first sex ever.

17. The hearsay that "everyone else is doing it" is just hearsay, and it is untrue. Studies have shown that 15% of millennials haven't had sex since they turned 18. They carried this study out in 2016. So do not let peer pressure push you into having sex.

18. There is a clear distinction between sex and intimacy and love. If you want real and genuine love, pursue it. Having sex with someone does not mean they genuinely love or care for you. Seek love and intimacy, then sex can follow.

19. The sex you have for the first time does not determine the sex you will always have. The tone is set by yourself and your partner and the tone can change every time you have sex.

20. Sex is sweet, lovely and relaxing. You can only enjoy it when you are having it with someone who cares about you and you care about them.