The world of today is filled with many young men and even boys that hold the opinion that virgin girls and ladies are scarce. This fact is also rampant among women, ladies and girls themselves. Is it true that the world is almost "virginless"?

Being a virgin is a personal thing from my point of view. The definition you give to your type of virginity will either make you a virgin or not. Take for instance some people believe that any girl or lady that has ever had penile penetrative sex is the one that has lost her virginity. Some others believe that you have lost your virginity because anything (be it your fingers, a penis, a sex toy, a cucumber or whatever) has penetrated your vagina. To some, when you have lost your hymen, you are no longer a virgin. Losing one’s hymen can occur through sports, exercise, and stress and not even through penile or any other penetration. Some girls and ladies keep their hymen intact and have had none vaginal penetration but they enjoy anal penetration back to back, day in day out. So are you a virgin or not? That depends on your view and definition of virginity.

This article will give you an insight into what you need to know and understand before losing your virginity. I have taken time to make it short and divided the article into three parts, so please endeavor to read through parts 1 to 3.

1.      Never think you are giving away your virginity when the time comes to lose it, but see the whole idea as you gaining new experience and attaining a new height in life.
2.      If you still have your hymen intact, it will not make a sound like a champagne bottle popping. Your hymen is not a thin layer covering over your vagina, it is a thin tissue that hangs around it, so do not expect to hear a sound when having your first penetrative vaginal sex.

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