So as I was saying in part 1, these are things you must know before you lose your virginity.

3.  Virginity does not start with the penis and ends with the vagina. Most ladies and girls nowadays reconsider their virginity status even after giving or receiving oral sex. So if you still have your hymen and you suck your boyfriend's "D" now and then, are you still a virgin? You can ask and answer all to yourself.

4.  Having sex for the first time and cause your great tension but then do not get stressed out. Having sex does not have any physical change to the body, at least for the first time. You may get an erected penis, wet vagina, your vulva can swell up, your breathing becomes rapid and many thing but then you will not notice any physical change after the sex.

5. If you don't tell anyone, nobody will know you have had sex. There is nothing to show you have had sex when another person is looking at you physically.

6. Your hymen has nothing to do with your virginity status. It is just a part of your body and not a litmus test of virginity.

7. If your canal tissues tear during the sex (does not pain), you may notice a little drop of blood but then forget about the myth of bloody bedsheets. Most people don't even see any blood during and after their first sex.

8. Be careful and protected yourself even if it is your first time (If not with your spouse or even with your spouse and you are not hoping for pregnancy). Sexually transmitted infections and even diseases can be gotten from any kind of sex, be it oral, anal, vaginal or whatever.

9. If you crave orgasm as a lady during your first sexual encounter, you may not get it. Close to 41% of females do not reach orgasm during sexual intercourse.

10. It is best to enjoy every bit of the touch and pleasure than craving orgasm. The point here is not orgasm, but the pleasure derived. If you do not savor the pleasure, you might miss out on even the orgasm itself.