Most people feel they are invincible and are untouchable anytime COVID-19 pops up in a conversation. Medically, nobody is immune to the virus, and so everyone is susceptible to carrying it. The coronavirus has been with us for several years, changing its form from MERS to SARS and now a new strain in the COVID-19. Just as you may have heard on the media and internet, the virus kills. As of now, there are over 200,000 deaths worldwide and still counting. The number of confirmed cases of people with the virus keeps increasing daily and stands at over 2 million people worldwide as of today. There have been rumors in some African countries, especially Nigeria about the government trying to siphon money with introducing the virus. Governments may siphon money and COVID-419 may exist, but more is the existence of VOVID-19 in most African countries. The United Nations published a progression track of the virus in Africa and came to a calculative 1.2 billion confirmed cases soon while deaths will be about 3.2million across the continent. If this becomes a reality, this means that more than half of the African population will carry the virus soon. Are you protecting yourself at all?
To stay safe in this period, the best method is to remain indoors as much as possible. Where possible, do not step outside your flat.  As much as this is practicable in most developed countries, it will be a hard thing to do in the developing African continent. So how do people in Africa keep themselves safe from the COVID-19?
 The United Nations and most governments in Africa have issued several guidelines which include:
1.      Washing of hands with soap for about 20 seconds regularly in a day or making use of alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
2.      Wearing a mask to protect yourself from ingesting the virus since you barely know who has the virus.
3.      Staying indoors and minimizing outdoor appearance.
Since you may need to get your groceries from the market even during the lockdown, observe the first 3 steps posted at the top if possible and then you may want to add these few.
1.      If you go out to buy groceries, make sure you boil water to 100 degrees Celsius when you get back and inhale the steam from the water covering yourself with a towel for about 2 minutes. (This will help you fight whatever virus you may have ingested unknowingly on your way to or from the market).
2.      Remove the clothes you went out with and wash them and sundry them instantly. Let the sun dry them in the open air for at least 4 hours.

3.      Always remember to maintain cleanliness better than you have always done this period. Your home must always be tidy, neat and clean.