As a sexual animal, we must all take caution how and with whom we have sex. Although having sex is enjoyable and relaxing, it can come with its own problems. Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are infections that one can easily pick up when having sex with another person. This can even be spread through kissing and touching alone since some of these diseases can spread through skin to skin contact.

Over 20 million people are diagnosed yearly of these sexual diseases and this can be prevented if proper precaution is taken. The easiest and best form of protection against STDs is total abstinence from every form of sexual activity but then most people cannot abstain from sex, some for too long. This article lists some practical ways to prevent STDs, just in case you cannot abstain from sex.
1.     Reduce the number of your sexual partners: This has proven over time to be a great way in preventing STDs. If your partner has no STDs, you cannot get it from them. If you have several sexual partners, your chances of getting STDs become higher
2.     Honesty: Both your partner and yourself must be honest and open enough to talk about your sexual histories. Knowing each other’s sexual history will give you a hint into whether your partner may have STDs.
3.     Get tested before sex
4.     Do not have sex when you are drunk or drugged up.
5.     Ensure you get HPV (human papillomavirus) and HBV (hepatitis B) vaccination
 All the above-mentioned steps can only help you and your partner if either or both of you is yet to test positive to any STDs. If either of you is already an STDs carrier, the best way to have sex is for the negative partner to protect himself/herself. Never have an unprotected sex with a person carrying STDs, it can be deadly. If you do not know your partner’s sexual history and he or she has refused to share same, use a condom.
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