A healthy living is the recipe for a longer life and this can only be achieved by availing oneself of these useful tips;

Combining your meals with fruits and vegetables

When having your meals you can add green vegetables likewise fruits as either part of the main dishes or after meals as these would definitely give you the minerals, vitamins and other vital nutrients that the body requires to keep healthy. Examples of such fruits and vegetables are carrots, spinach, celery, cucumber, watermelon and so on.

Drink lots of water

Drink a lot of water to flush your system regularly and most importantly to stay hydrated, water also helps lubricate the joints in the body, water also helps move oxygen to all the muscles of the body. So by staying hydrated we steer clear of diseases and sicknesses.

Eat foods low in fat

Despite the fact that fat is good for proper functioning of the body, we should however avoid taking foods high in fat as it could increase the rate of heart diseases, can shoot up the cholesterol levels in the body and can also cause diabetes.

Indulge in exercises

Another useful tip to living healthy is doing exercises. The heart benefits a lot from exercises likewise the brain because it helps the brain fight stress which most of the time occurs in the brain. Doing exercises like walking, jogging, sit-ups, push-ups, dancing, cycling, swimming and so on will go a long way in improving one’s health.

Reduce intake of alcohol

Too much of alcohol is bad for the body. When you consume too much of alcohol, you increase the risk of severe liver diseases or irritation of the liver. Excessive alcohol intake can also reduce the rate of interaction between the parts of the body and the brain.


Limit your sugar and salt consumption

High consumption of salt can result in a high blood pressure and can also cause cardiovascular diseases. In the same vein excessive sugar also results in diabetes which is triggered due to the body’s inability to produce insulin which helps regulate the glucose in the blood.

Reduce your consumption of processed foods

Processed foods aren’t too good for one’s health because most of the nutrients are lost in the process of production. Also, the preservatives used in preserving those foods are not too good for the health. Some processed foods also contain a high amount of salt causing high blood pressures.

In conclusion, we should imbibe these tips and also share with family and friends for a better living.